Essential Oils with Ayurveda

 with Ysha Oakes, Master Postpartum Ayurvedic Doula

essential-oilsEssential Oils — More than Basics   $11

Learn this important material about safety, quality risk issues, applications and other important – and very inspiring concerns. Discover why essential oils are so quick acting, why some people respond to them quickly and others do not and why some people get reactions to the same application and oil others do not.  Learn how to prevent and handle sensitivities, what kind of effects essential oils bring to family health care, and what is important with regard to quality, safety and potency issues.  Find out the three main approaches to aromatherapy, the three categories of use when applying them directly, and last, but not least, gain Ayurvedic insights into how the doshas (metabolic principles), dhatus (tissues), srotamsi (channels) and gunas (the 20 qualities in nature) help us choose and use essential oils most wisely. (2 hours, includes course notes)

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