Ayurveda for Mother and Newborn Care – Webinars

with Ysha Oakes, Master Postpartum Ayurvedic Doula

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Purchase all 13 Postpartum Care Webinars – $28.00

Understand dynamics of mind-body-spirit transformation & consciousness in a new mother.  Learn a new paradigm for mother-baby postpartum care through Ayurveda. Study physiological and psychological changes after birth in both Western & Ayurvedic terms. Discover and learn the best holistic approaches to prevent common problems and empower rejuvenation with postpartum mama-baby care. Practical tips and tools for professionals and families. (about 9 hours)

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Part One: Foundations and Concepts in Postpartum Ayurveda  – $9.00

  • Celebrating Love, Life and the Surprises of a Newborn
  • Bliss, Biological Memory, and the Powerful 42 day Kayakalpa Window of Postpartum
  • A Mother’s Body — Changes in Dhatus (tissues) and much more
  • About 2.8 hours

Part Two:  Speaking to Mamas, Babies, and Partners – $8.00

  • Translating Theory into Postpartum Therapies
  • Mama’s Do it Yourself AyuDoula Care
  • Baby’s Best Beginnings – Simple Priorities
  • For Partners and Family – Here’s What You Need to Know
  • About 2.8 hours

Part Three:  Putting it into Practice – $7.00

  •  Mama and Baby Massage
  • Oleation – The Importance of Oil in Recovery
  • Good Rest for Baby
  • Good Rest for Mothers
  • About 2.3 hours

Part Four:  Fitting It All In and Being Prepared – $4.00

  • Fitting It All In, and Doing Less to Accomplish More
  • Preparing for Your Sacred Window After Childbirth
  • About 1.5 hours

Companion Book – $15.00

  • Touching Heaven – Tonic Postpartum Care with Ayurveda


Professional Ayudoula Programs

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Learn skills to serve the powerful six week period following birth, taught by professional Ayudoulas.