Ayurvedic Nutrition for Mother and Newborn – Webinars

with Ysha Oakes, Master Postpartum Ayurvedic Doula


Purchase all 8 Postpartum Nutrition Webinars – $28.00

Learn little known, deeply transformative nutrition and dietary approaches for the powerful 6-8 week window after childbirth and beyond, for baby’s best nourishment, and for nourishing the prime nourisher – the Mom.

This 8 hour course is the other half of the Postpartum Care with Ayurveda (AY150) course, with a stronger emphasis on food and nutrition, and one of many courses in our Ayudoula curriculum focused on the very significant role and practice of postnatal nutrition.  In it you will hear valuable discussion about how to improve the quality and quantity of breast milk, the cause and remedy for two types of colic, baby’s first foods, and important guidelines for maternal rejuvenation including significant variations on “normal” vata pacifying foods and herbs.  Ysha peppers her lectures with many recipe ideas and tips – be prepared to enrich your course notes!  (about 8 hours)

Purchase Webinars a-la-carte

Part 1:  Nourishing Baby – $12.00

  • Breastfeeding and Ayurveda
  • Formula Feeding and Ayurveda
  • Colic, and Happy Baby Tummies
  • Baby’s First Foods, and Weaning with Ayurveda
  • About 3.5 hours

Part 2:  Nourishing the Prime Nourisher – $13.00

  • Nourishing Mama after Childbirth
  • Foods to Favor and Avoid Postpartum 
  • Foods and Rhythms for the Cook, Mom, and AyuDoula
  • About 4 hours

Part 3:  Postpartum Moods, Foods, and Hormones – $3.00

  • Just like it says!
  • About 42 minutes

Companion Book – $15.00

  • Touching Heaven – Tonic Postpartum Recipes with Ayurveda, by Ysha Oakes

Professional Ayudoula Programs

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Learn skills to serve the powerful six week period following birth, taught by professional Ayudoulas.