Safe Postpartum Herbs

safe-postpartum-herbsOur Safe Postpartum Herbs online webinar is a valuable resource for self-studied or advanced herbalists as well as for 2 year graduates of Ayurvedic medicine. Empower yourself with a wise and rich multi-traditional herbal tookit, and prevent the all too frequent though innocent misuse of herbs in the early weeks after childbirth. Discover the fascinating kind of insights you will learn in this blog post — Top Lactation Herbs. To purchase and immediately download this online class, use the link below. 

Your instructor, Ysha Oakes, has gathered and studied the safe uses and contraindications of eastern and western herbs for many years. The lecture format presents brief discussions of over 60 herbs which may be suitable for postnatal uses but in many cases are inappropriate for the first weeks. With deeper insight into their best use, precautions and contraindications for this period of mama and baby’s life, the instructor guides you to develop better herbal support based on the unique needs of the newly delivered mother, using Ayurvedic principles to make wise use of western, Chinese and Ayurvedic pharmacopeia. 

This 5 hour online, anytime learning series is $35. At this price, this course offers recordings access only; be prepared to take good notes. 

Professional Ayudoula Programs

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Learn skills to serve the powerful six week period following birth, taught by professional Ayudoulas.