Ayurveda for the Childbearing Years

Cover Terra Book by Terra Rafael

In this book, Ayurvedic midwife (retired) and practitioner, Terra Rafael, covers the steps a couple can take in order to clear the pathway for a healthy mother and child. She outlines the methods for healthy menstruation, conception, pregnancy, labor/birth, and postpartum based on the ancient principles of Ayurveda. For those who have difficulty conceiving, she also provides important education and resources available in Ayurveda.
(73 pages, immediately downloadable PDF) $18.00

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A New Online Course Available  – NEW !                                   

Enhancing Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum with Ayurvedaclick here sm

EFPBP screenshotWe are happy to announce that Terra Rafael’s online course, Enhancing Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum with Ayurveda is available!!

Based on one of her longtime favorite live classes, this 24 hour course is goes into greater depth than any other course available on this topic.  It’s a technical course for those wishing a deeper understanding of perinatal biology from Western and Ayurvedic perspectives, safe herbal supports, secrets from the yogic traditions, and care principles for all phases of childbearing. It includes lectures, extensive course notes and slides, THE ABOVE BOOK, as well as tools for self-study, including homework and quizzes.  All of these marvelous gems are provided in a simple to use website (sample screen shown on right).

The course can be taken in the following ways:

Self Guided Approach: Purchase the entire course (and book) for $123 and then wander through the classroom on your own time and schedule.

PrintReceive NAMA PACE CEUs:  Purchase the course, the above book and 5 hours of mentoring with Terra for $338 and receive CEU credits.  This online course is especially appropriate for those with previous training in Ayurveda, and has been approved for 24 continuing education credits through the National Ayurvedic Medicine Association (NAMA) PACE program.  Upon completion of this course, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion and PACE CEUs.  For students planning to receive NAMA PACE credits, you’ll need to complete all coursework, allow for about 24 hours of listening time for the webinars, 5 hours mentoring time with Terra, and approximately 1/2-1 hours reading, homework and testing time for each class hour.  

Mentoring with Terra:  Purchase the home study course for $123 and once you’re inside the classroom, hire Terra to mentor you for $43 per hour.  This option is for those wishing to take this knowledge to a deeper level, but not needing certification or credit.  You can choose which sections you want to focus on with her, and she’ll provide the instruction.

Professional Ayudoula Programs

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Learn skills to serve the powerful six week period following birth, taught by professional Ayudoulas.